Available on Line Messenger

LINE is a popular messaging app in Japan (where it is from) and other Asian countries. According to LINE, one third of Indonesians have LINE app installed. With that in mind, we’re happy to announce that Sarah Shopper is now available on LINE! Do note that, at the moment, your account is not synced among messaging apps where Sarah Shopper is available. If you chat with Sarah on Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant and LINE, you will have three separate accounts, one for each platform.

OnePlus phones leak your privacy and more

It sounds weird that a shopping blog like this talks about phone security, but many people use Sarah Shopper to track price of smartphones so we do have some responsibility to inform this. Next time you’re thinking of buying an Android phone, think twice if the brand is OnePlus. Apparently, the company behind it was caught collecting personally identifiable data from OnePlus phones through incredibly detailed analytics. Everyone, including Sarah Shopper, use analytics in some way (we use Google Analytics, used by the majority of website and apps), but the data we collect are anonymized (we don’t know that a visitor named Jim Hopper with phone number +1 555 5555 just opened Tinder).

What to expect on Singles' Day (11/11)—some lessons learned from #MYCYBERSALE

It’s only a month since #MYCYBERSALE—dubbed as the biggest online sale in Malaysia—and yet tomorrow we’ll have another great sale, 11⁄11 (a.k.a. Singles’ Day since they’re all ones). Whether you’re single or not, you definitely don’t want to miss it. But… do items on sale really have price cut? People have doubts with discounts. It’s common knowledge that some sellers raise the price before bringing it down with discounts. We monitored and analyzed thousands of items on 11street and Lazada during and after #MYCYBERSALE.