Youbeli price tracker, deals and vouchers

Get more value when buying through Sarah Shopper, the Youbeli price tracker, and get more Youbeli deals and vouchers here.

Should I Buy Smart TV? Should I Buy 4K TV? Most Likely No

Find out why smart TV (and why 4K TV) is unnecessary, and reasons why you might want one. Based on our own experience, we will help you answer the question of, "Should I buy smart TV?" TL;DR: Just get a standard LED TV đź“ş.

Sarah Shopper in SITEC Selangor Accelerator Programme 2018

Selangor Accelerator Programme (SAP) is an intensive 4-month accelerator program from the state government of Selangor for early-stage startups in Malaysia.

When Was the Last Time You Send a Chinese New Year Greeting Card?

Send an online Chinese New Year greeting card for FREE, with NO ADS shown to the recipients.

Price tracker for Lazada Malaysia, plus deals and vouchers

Save money when shopping at Lazada Malaysia with a price tracker, deals and vouchers—all in one place. Not recommended for shopping addicts.

Buying from overseas—from the United States to Malaysia

Our experience in buying things from Amazon and Google Store in the United States and shipping them to Malaysia. We also explain how to use a parcel forwarding service and apply for SIRIM permit.

Available on Line Messenger

LINE is a popular messaging app in some Asian countries, and that is why we are bringing Sarah Shopper to LINE.

OnePlus phones leak your privacy and more

OnePlus is a popular Android phone known for its value for money, but you have to be aware of what the phone does.

What to expect on Singles' Day (11/11)—some lessons learned from #MYCYBERSALE

We analyzed thousands of items on sale during #MYCYBERSALE from popular ecommerce websites in Malaysia and reveal the truth about discounts.