Price tracker for Lazada Malaysia, plus deals and vouchers

Do you think that everything that Lazada sells is always cheaper since it’s online? Think again 😎.

Online is generally cheaper than brick-and-mortar, but sellers—online or not—always want to squeeze as much profit as they can (and there’s nothing wrong with that 🤑 ). How do you, as a smart buyer, squeeze as much saving as you can?

First, there’s deals. On special occasions (1111, Raya, Valentine’s Day—to name but a few), Lazada Malaysia throws site-wide discounts. As we have written before, sometimes the deals is not that sweet 🙄, but it’s better than nothing!

It’s not fun to keep reminding yourself, “Check Lazada 54 days from now,” and putting it on your calendar will just create clutter 😵. Just chat with Sarah Shopper, and let her do the boring stuff!

Occasionally, Sarah will also share any Lazada voucher she comes across. You know, that RM20-off-but-hard-to-get kind of vouchers.

You already have something in mind? Great! Pass the link to Sarah, and she will watch it every day for any price changes, because she got nothing else to do is a very good Lazada price tracker!

Still here?

Alright, you can also watch this page. Bookmark it. We will also update this page from time to time for Lazada deals and vouchers. But… how are you going to remember to check this page? 😛